Entry: Fix one thing... 9/16/2006

Fix one thing and something else breaks. 

When we moved in, we noticed that it seemed someone had backed into the water pipes outside the back door that services the outside spigots (and may even be the main feed into the house!  OUCH!).  We were hoping that the small leak would keep to a small leak for atleast another month.

Just as the handyman was packing up his things this afternoon, I noticed a SPRAY of water coming out of there.  Not a good sign.  Chris The Handyman will be returning on Tuesday to fix it.  We've re-juryrigged it with a bungie cord and a bucket (to catch any leaking water) until then. 

Cross your fingers that it'll hold.

As you can tell, I like this handyman.  Doesn't treat me as an idiot, as most men in the fixeruper field do, no markup on parts (he made sure to show me the receipt from Home Depot), tested everything 2 times, even cleaned up after himself and his labor was decently priced for this area. 

Poor guy...I don't think he knows what he just got himself into.  The Money Pit shall swallow another unsuspecting soul.  ;-)

But life has suddenly improved in the Money Pit.  The dryer is now working!  YEAH!!!  I was halfway through my little happy dance of joy (after he left of course) when I stopped and realized that my life is suddenly so simple these days...the dryer working makes my day.  *rolls eyes*


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