Entry: Somewhere between... 9/15/2006

I'm somewhere between crawling into bed for sleep, finding food or tackling this pile of boxes in the office filled with misc stuff.  Where to put it?  Who knows.  And with the quality of sleep I got last night, I couldn't care less.

The new house is minus something very important: storage.  There are no huge linen closets in each bathroom, as we had in the last rental, or any sort of "linen closet" to speak of in any part of this house.  So, where do I put the sheets?  Um...towel storage???

I swear, whoever designed this place was a man....

Had a hard night last night, cummulating in a 4 AM wake up call by Wynter, who was quite unhappy that her diaper had overloaded, burst and was dumping the liquid soaking crystals all over the inside of her PJ's.  After that massive cleanup effort we were both wide awake...and have been ever since.

Rob and I have tickets to the Oakland A's game tonight (free from work, thank you!) but with the way I'm feeling right now, I'm either going to have to OD on caffiene or get a nap in to survive the night.  If you watch the game and see a sleeping redhead in section 228, that would be me.

More house news...after much discussion last night, we've decided to bring in a handyman to do the more urgent fix-ups that we fear touching.  Mainly, the installation of a dedicated circuit and plug for the dryer (I'd like to do laundry again someday) and fixing up the termite-infested front steps.  Got a local licensed handyman coming over tomorrow to atleast quote fixing the dryer issues.  If he's good, maybe he can do some other things around here (like install 3 ceiling fans so the preggo lady doesn't have to do it.  ;-)  ).


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