Entry: The curse is broken! 9/14/2006

It looks like the Keller's "girl" curse*** has been broken.  The ultrasound technician this morning firmly stated, "Boy."  And we have pictures...though I'm not really big on posting in-utero porno so if you want to see, email me.  ;-)

Of course, no ultrasound session is easy for me.  As she chased him around the womb, I had flashbacks of all of the ultrasound sessions I had when pregnant with Wynter.  He's as wirey and picky as she was.  The tech would almost get the shot perfect for the measurement she had to take and he'd squirm away.  Halfway through, she said, "This is one of the more active kids I've experienced."  Yeah...well...that's our kids for you! 

She had a very hard time getting a picture of the "muzzle" area (nose/mouth/chin).  Every time she got close to getting a good pic, he'd turn his head and bury his face in the placenta.  Nice to know that he's got a comfy pillow in there!  LOL 

Near the end, I started to get really beaten up on as he squirmed, rolled and flipped to get away from the wand.  We were both saying, "You know, the faster you let her take her measurements, the faster this will be over with."  But of course, there's no reasoning with a baby.  ;-)

So, as of right now, we've expecting Julian Xaviar Therriault around January 10th, 2007.

*** Keller "girl" curse is in reference to the fact that my mom had 3 girls and my sister had 2 girls.


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