Entry: All about baby 9/13/2006

TKv2 has been very active lately, turning, twisting and smacking the **** out of me.  Usually, it's the rolling thump thump thump but periodically, there's a good smack that will make me jump.  Once again, the favorite target: Cervix.

All of my recent activity seems to lull this one to sleep.  But when I stop, he/she thinks it's time for him/her to be active.  Many a sleepless night have I spent, laying in bed, trying to go to sleep but am kept awake by the beating of little legs and arms.  It goes on for about 15 minutes before he/she quiets back down again and I can find a comfy position to sleep in.

This kid loves his/her food.  Just the smell of food when I'm really hungry will start this rascal up.  It was pure torture for both of us last week, when I'd get take out for dinner and would have to smell dinner for the whole drive home.

And may I say that this child's hearing must be working because he/she doesn't appreciate Wynter's screeching either.  *wince wince*

Lots of braxton-hicks contractions this last week, especially over the weekend.  Nothing serious or really painful, just annoying.  They do do one good thing: they make me slow down.  The old prescription of "putting up your feet and drinking something" does help but seriously, how long can I lay down with an active toddler in the house???

There's another ultrsound scheduled for Thursday.  It's in the early AM (8:20 AM is early for here!), so we're hoping that Rob can come this time before heading off to work.  We hope to find out "if there's a stem on the apple", as Rob so nicely put it one day last week.  LOL  Of course, if we find out, there will be announcments and phone calls to all!


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