Entry: Can't we just SKIP the next year??? 9/12/2006

Wynter's started the "Terrible Two's" stage a bit early.  The tantrums, the whining, the destroying of things....ah, what fun.

I returned from running errands with her on Friday morning, cursing, "I will never again run errands with that girl alone."  She started out happy at Lowes, all giggles and smiles, and slowly downgraded into growling, whining, tantruming she-devil within 1 hour.  She threw an all out tantrum at the store after Lowes, making me pack it up early, take her home and put her down for a nap.

We ended up running the rest of the errands that weekend.  She was still difficult but with 2 of us there, we can hand her off or one take her to the car while the other finishes the shopping.  I ended up taking her out of Target while Rob hunted down charcoal and paid for our purchases.

I kinda fear what it's going to be like with 2.  I'm never going to leave the house....LOL

Tantrums are starting to become not just a daily but an hourly thing right now.  I walk away from the small ones, telling her, "When you're done crying, I will help you.".  For the larger ones, I put her in her room and shut the door.  You have to give her time for the anger to blow over....and then she's sweet and happy again.  I swear, that's her Daddy coming out in her.  But the important thing is giving her time and space to get control of herself.

I feel really sorry for my neighbors.  They get to hear that screeching, since W's room is on their side of the house.  I'm sorry....really really sorry!  But we did try to warn then when we moved in: we have a 1 year old who thinks she's 2.  They told me, "That's OK.  She's 1.  How else is she supposed to communicate?"  I just don't think they knew how many times she'd be "communicating" everyday.  *sigh*

Oh, and the whining is going to drive me insane soon.  I don't deal well with whining kids but I won't give in to whatever she's whining about.  Typically, she wants whatever I'm holding or carrying, which are usually "no-no" items (my cell phone, a DVD case, a glass, etc. etc.).  That has spurred on a number of tantrums. 

Sorry, kiddo, but you don't get your way ALL the time!

And what's with the whining when I'm getting her food or drink???  I'm starting to dread filling up her sippy cup, since she follows me into the kitchen and watch me make it, all the while making the world's most annoying whining sound.  AUGH!!!!!

Since W's been so very much demanding lately (and horribly draining on both of us) and not always taking 2 naps a day like she used to, I've instituted "quiet time" in the morning.  It's time for me to get some things done around here (like unpacking more or cleaning up) without a whining baby under my feet.

Our day typically runs like this: W gets up between 6 and 7 AM, eats breakfast and afterwards, we play a bit on the living room floor while I watch the news.  Around 8:30, we either run errands or take a walk around the MHP.  Upon our return, she gets a small snack and drink before going to her room for "quiet time".  She can play, read or nap, as long as she's quiet.  By 11, she's back out and chasing me around the house. 

We have lunch around 11:30 and she plays around the house until she starts acting tired (usually around 1, if she didn't sleep during quiet time).  Her afternoon nap varies a lot, depending on when she got up in the morning, if she took a nap during quiet time and how active we've been that day.  That's usually when I lay down and try to get in a quick nap while she's squirrelled away in her room.  By the time she gets up, it's ready for another small snack while I prep for dinner, toss any toys back in her room and mop up any messes we made before Dada comes home.

Not an exciting day but atleast we get out of the house daily, she gets a "chance" to get a couple naps in during the day and I get a few minutes of non-whining-screaming-tantrum time to get things done around here.  Oh, and let's not forget the  important thing: mama gets a chance get a nap!  Oh what luxuries that will not last for too much longer!


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