Entry: Another year, another birthday 9/12/2006

Yesterday, I turned the ripe old age of 29.  I felt every year of those 29 years yesterday....or atleast the last 5 months of pregnancy.  Even though it was my birthday, I ended up doing some light yard work (I couldn't stand how the side yard was looking with all of the leaves from the stupid orange trees all over), cleaned out the car, found the washer and dryer in the cluttered laundry room, ran a couple errands and sewed the curtains for the bedroom (which look pretty damn spiffy, if I must say so!).  Yeah, it was a busy day and by 8 PM, I was feeling every bit of it.

But we did go out last night and celibrated my birthday (well, actually, OUR birthdays, since Rob's was just a week before mine!) at a local coffee shop that gives out free birthday cakes if you come eat dinner there.  Can't complain about that, especially since their food is pretty good.  Wynter loaded herself up on spaghetti, which was different for her since previously she'd try 1 piece and then shove the rest of the noodles away.  LOL  We got a delicious strawberry shortcake cake, the remainder of which is sitting in the kitchen waiting to be snacked on over the next couple of days.

And what did I get, you may ask, for my birthday?  Ceiling fans. 

OK, I'm joking.  Really, I'm joking, I promise.  It's just funny that the day before my birthday, we were at Lowes, debating which fans to but to replace certain light fixtures to help move air around the new house a bit more.  And let's not forget to mention replacing that dining room hanging light that we keep smaking our heads on! 

Of course, as we were sticking the 3 boxes in the car, Rob tells me, "Looks like you have a project this week."  Me?  ME!?!?!?  What do you mean me!?!?!?  Actually, between the 2 of us, I'm probably the most suited (and patient) for the job but I hate playing with electricity.  I made him promise to help me one of these upcoming weekends, so I don't have to keep climbing up and down ladders for tools and material.  Fun.

Anyway, as I was saying, my birthday presents ranged from a Walmart gift card to checks to an Amazon gift cert.  Oooo...the possibilities!  Rob bought me 2 Alton Brown DVD collections they had on sale at Target for $10.  OF course, "Rob bought me" means that I found them on sale, snatched them up, did a little happy dance before thrusting them into his hands and saying, "Buy me these for my birthday, please."  LOL

So, happy (late!) birthday to me!


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