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Our little girl,
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Our little boy
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I'm back...and I have the combination!

I plan to never move while pregnant ever again...of course, now that I've said that, it's going to happen! 

The last week has been filled with lots of unpacking though if you looked at my house today, you would have thought a moving van had thrown up in it.  Throw in lots of misc home improvement projects, the tiredness of pregnancy and a very cranky baby and you have my week. 

It all came down to priorities.  Once the movers left, we set up Wynter's room and made our bed before setting up the TV (we all need mindless dribble after a busy moving day).  The next day, I set up the computer and unpacked 90% of the kitchen.  The important things first: sleep, mindless dribble and food.  Everything past that is gravy.

Weds was errand day, including leaving the car off at Costco for 4 hours to have the tires looked at.  Surprise surprise....the 1 tire that had been giving us such a hassle (going flat in a few days) had a nail in it.  Nice.  So, we moved with nail in a tire!

I ended up taking Thursday off of packing and other household duties.  The week of constant movement had finally caught up with my pregnant body.  I woke that morning feeling like the moving truck was sitting ontop of me.  So, I ignored the boxes, painted a quarter of the "icky" bathroom (to see what the color looked like) and cleaned a little, but otherwise, I took it easy.  I must have done something right, since I woke up this morning feeling human again.

Wynter has been in fine form for the last few days.  I'm chalking it up to the move and the full moon.  Please let it be that because if it isn't, this Mama is going to need a straight jacket very soon.  Recently, she's been demanding 120% of your attention and if she's not getting it, it's tantrum time.  Of course, being in the middle of unpacking and fixing things around the house, I just can't give her 120% of my attention ALL the time.  By the time Rob gets home, I'm typically a tired and frazzled basketcase who want to hide in a closet away from the constant whining.  I love my daughter but sheesh, kid, cool it with the whining!!!

You ought to hear her when she gets lost in the house and doesn't know where I am.  There's usually a whine, which escalates to a scream if I don't answer her right away and come find her myself, calling, "Wynter, I'm in the ______!"  LOL  Poor babe.  I know things will get easier once I get some of the boxes out of here so she can get around better.  On her level, I know it all looks like a huge rat maze and Mama gets through it so much faster than she can!

TKv2 seems to like all of the constant movement though and complains with a mightly assualt on my belly when I stop.  Ooooo...his/her kicks remind me so much of Wynter's.  They're strong and forceful.  Once again, I swear I'm going to have bruises all over the inside of my belly.

Well, I better go.  I should be sitting in the living room, watching MacGyver with the hubby and relaxing.  I'll update more later!

Posted at 7:50:58 pm by anniede
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On hiatus

Moving can be SO exhausting!

On hiatus until we're settled into our new home.

Posted at 12:58:32 am by anniede
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Finally enough room...

I spent the day painting primer in (what is known right now as) the "icky bathroom" - the one that had the mildew and mold around the tub.  When I got home, I looked like I had been in a white-out fight...and lost.  But the mold/mildew is gone (thanks to some seriously strong bleach water) and the primer covered up the horrible paint job the last owners did.  They tried to paint directly over the ugly wallpaper that was in there to begin with, but seemed to have run out of paint as they got to the bottom of the wall, so a lot of the wallpaper pattern could still be seen!  Primer, people, PRIMER! 

I had to do the same with the kitchen area, covering the previous people's half-ass paint job, where, once again, they were too lazy to pull out the stove to finish covering the ugly wallpaper pattern.  The bank put in a new stove, one that was shorter than the old one, so  lot of the old wallpaper (and paint drips) were visible and very much irking me.  Since I had the primer out and brush dirty, I took a few minutes and covered the ugliness.  Now it's ready for when we want to repaint the kitchen.

The fridge arrived today, thanks to Sears Appliance Outlet.  It looks HUGE in there (it's a 22 cubic feet "freezer on bottom" bohemith).  Since it's black and the (I think new) dishwasher is black, we're thinking of repainting the ugly cabinets black too.  Rob's threatening to do a halloween theme in there (black cabinets with pumpkin orange doors) and I may just let him do it, just for the change! LOL

By the time the fridge had arrived, Rob had taken the light rail from work to the new house, so we sat on the floor of our living room and tried to figure out what rooms were going to use for what and where to put furniture.  We looked across the great expanse of carpeting and agreed - we finally have the space we need for our growing family.

This will be my last blog entry until we get settled in our new home.  My DSL's going to be turned on Weds (hopefully!) but I probably won't have the time to blog until next weekend.  Wish us luck!

Posted at 8:50:36 pm by anniede
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Sympathetic Crier

I don't think I've ever shared this on this blog but...Wynter hates hearing kids cry.  Doesn't matter their age or what they're crying about.  The moment they start up, she starts up.

This makes for some fun sometimes. 

One day, we're in the lab at the doctor's office and a baby started screaming in the back of the lab (getting his blood taken I guess).  Within seconds, Wynter started to scream her head off too.  It was as if SHE was the one getting the blood drawn.  Thankfully, Dani was with me that day and was able to take her out into the hallway.

Maybe she thinks it's a crying contest and the loudest and worst sounding wins???

Last night, I left to get my hair cut (been putting that off for 2 weeks!) and returned to find Wynter in her bed.  Seems that only 10 minutes after I left, she started to scream.  The reason: a baby was crying on TV.  On the TELEVISION!!!  She instantly erupted into killer sobs that had her throwing up (all over Dada, of course) in seconds.  Between being tired, still slightly sick, mama leaving and hearing a baby cry, she had had enough.

What's going to happen when "TKv2" arrives in January?!?!?!  Oyvey...

Posted at 12:23:20 am by anniede
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Changes changes changes

As if moving to a new house wasn't enough, I am currently making plans to move this blog to its own domain.  I've had too many issues with blogdrive recently and am finally fed up with it.  Customer service seems to be a big no no for Blogdrive these days.

So, more information to come soon, once our move is over and things are set up.  Thanks for being patient with me (and Blogdrive)!


Posted at 2:16:27 pm by anniede
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16 Month Photos

I sat down a few days ago and spent 2 hours corralling, editing and uploading only have Blogdrive be down for 2 days!  *insert curse words here*  So, I ended up posting them to my website temporarily, until BD came back up again.  I was fearful, with the move and all, that I wouldn't have the time to mess with this until after the move but...well, here I am!



A couple pictures from her
pushing the chair around bit

A study in motion...

Little Drummer Girl
(Who knows what was up with the flash that day...)

Chill-axing around the house

Come on...I dare you...try to take my bears away!

"Silly people! These are MY bears!"

"I didn't do NOTHIN'!"

The innocence of babes...

"Come on, Cuz Mars! Let me play with your computer!"

"OK, you and the camera can go away now!"

"Where's Mama's nose?"

Here are a few pictures of the family Mars took while she was here.

Our current family of 3 + Mars
((I was trying to get Wynter to look
at the camera when they took the picture...stinkers!)

Mama and Wynter
God, I look tired in this pic...I wonder why? ;-)

Dada and Wynter

Mars and Wynter

Posted at 2:11:20 pm by anniede
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Continuing Saga

6 PM - get W ready for bed and lay her down to have her SCREAM for 45 minutes straight.

6:45 PM - Come to the realization that neither of us had changed a "poopy" diaper all day.  Baby is retrieved, calmed down and given a baby enema, resulting in a series of farts that almost clears the room (damn blueberries!)

7 PM - Rob finishes making dinner and we eat, with a baby standing infront of us, whining for food, which she puts in her mouth, chews it up and spits it back out.  ((That's what happens when we eat after she does.  She wants to TRY what we're eating but is too full to actually eat it.))

7:30 PM - I cuddle her for a few minutes in the rocker, change her diaper and lay her down for the night.  She stays silent (thank god!).  We sit back to watch a couple shows of MacGyver in DVD.

9:30 PM - We finally go to bed.  Rob crashes on the futon so he could get a full night's sleep before returning to work, becuase we just KNOW that a certain 16 month old is going to wake up.

11:30 PM - Wynter wakes up screaming, bringing me out of a dead sleep.  She'd pooed her diaper and then followed up with a good pee, which, with the diaper covered in poop, flowed out of her diaper and all over the bed.***  Change her and her bed before putting her back to bed with her sippycup of water.  She goes right to sleep.

12:30 AM - I'm brought out of unconciousness by more screaming.  After much mumbling and threatening, "If you don't stop this, kiddo, I'm moving out to the futon with Daddy." I peel myself out of bed to find that she had peed out another diaper!  This time, she only nailed her nightgown.  Changed diaper and clothes AGAIN, gave her a shot of Tylenol and tried to lay her back down but she wouldn't have it.  End up turning on light and radio (local NPR station) and letting her play on the bed next to me while I snooze.

1 AM - I finally persuade W to play in her crib (with the light and radio still on) and I snooze some more.

1:45 AM - W finally falls asleep and I turn off light.

1:50 AM - My stomach wakes up enough to start the "eat or throw up" threat.  I get up and eat a bowl of cereal by the light of the computer screen (don't want to wake Rob) while surfing around for a more "waterproof" cloth diaper wrap.

2:30 AM - writing this blog entry so when Wynter has kids that keep waking her up all night, I can have proof that she did the same damn thing.

*** Before anyone starts up with the "that's what happens when you use cloth" arguement, Wynter does this to disposables too.  It's a fact of life with W - the girl will overload atleast 1 diaper a week, cloth or disposable.

Posted at 2:36:31 am by anniede
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Lots o Screaming

I had the day all planned out: breakfast, haircut, distract the kid for a few hours so Rob could finish his homework, pack a few boxes, post Wynter's 16 month pictures and finish recovering from the hellish week.

Wynter changed all of that.

In reality, my day was filled with screaming, screaming and more screaming.  I don't know if it was the starting of a cold, teething or both but sheesh...can that girl scream!  I believe I'm now deaf in one ear, if not both.  I do know definately that I have a killer headache.

It started with a wake up call at 2 AM from a very upset, very warm and very wet baby.  After a change of diaper and clothes, some Tylenol, a sippy cup and a couple Simpsons shows on DVD, I laid her back only have her start screaming 20 minutes later....screaming that was so frantic it even woke up Rob.  *big sigh*  Thankfully, he offered to stay up with her for a while and let me sleep. 

The day went downhill from there.

I didn't get my haircut, but Rob did get his homework done (between taking W for a walk to 7-11 and then putting her down for a nap, he got 2 hours to wrap up his assignment).  I got a few boxes packed, including the DVD collection and a portion of the hutch filled with office supplies, but still, not the number I was hoping.

Poor baby...I hate it when she gets in this "sob hysterically in Mom's arms for no obvious reason" mood.  I'd do and give anything to solve whatever is bothering her...ANYTHING.

So, anyway, that's why I haven't been able to post any pictures yet.  Expect them tomorrow, when my headache (and daughter) have cleared up.

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It's official...

It's official...the Money Pit is now ours!  WOOHOO!

We are supposed to receive the keys Tuesday or Weds...

See the butt-ugly deck in the back???  All that red is coming out....

An Important Equation to keep in mind...
1 Sledgehammer - $20
1 Crowbar - $10
The "home buying" stress relieved by taking the above tools to that butt-ugly deck - priceless...

Only wish I wasn't pregnant so I could help!  I could really really really use the stress relief.  Would you believe Rob asked me after the signing, "So, no more stressing, right?"  I laughed at him.  Once we're moved and settled in, then I will finally relax.  I've still got a whole house to pack!!!

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going back to packing the non-essentials...

Posted at 1:33:32 pm by anniede
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Freak out!

We sign escrow and loan papers tomorrow, even with the termite infested front steps, the "not to code" deck that's coming out the moment we move in (it's butt ugly and we could use the space back there) and the little bit of fungus growing on the skirting of the mobile home.  All small stuff that's going to suck dry what's left of our savings account.  *sigh*

((And may I add that if ANYONE tells you, "It's a mobile home, you don't need a termite inspection." send them my way.  I'll gladly show them the ungodly bill I got for the "imaginary termites" that are supposedly eating away the supports to my front porch and steps and happily munching away at the "butt ugly" deck out back.  HA HA.  Yeah, I'll be shopping around for quotes for that work very soon...))

Anyone else want to freak out with me tonight?

Posted at 6:35:42 pm by anniede
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