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Rob and Anne have been married for 5 years and counting!

Their family is growing by leaps and bounds...

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Our little girl,
Wynter Victoria,
arrived on
April 21, 2005!

Our little boy
is expected around
January 10th, 2007

Location: Near San Jose, CA

Apartment or House: 2 BR/2 BA Rental

Age: Anne->27 and Rob->29

Kids: Wynter (4/21/05) and 2 crazy cats

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Come On Over!!!

We moved into our own I decided it was time for the fmaily blog to move into it's own domain.

Come on over to our new home @ Working On A Full House.

Update your links and bookmarks since we will no longer be updating the blog here at blogdrive.

Posted at 12:02:18 pm by anniede
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Wynter's Room

OK, I promise...this will be the last post for today.  ;-)

There's been many requests for pictures of the house but I've been wary to post any, since I'm still battling the sea of boxes.  Wynter's room is the only room that's completely unpacked and "purdy" looking...well, when it's cleaned up, like today.  I pick up her room and change the bed once a week...lucky, today was the day!  Here are the pictures I took.  Of course, Wynter and the cat had to be in on the show...

Looking in from the door

Looking from the door again

The View from the Bed

W's Bed

You may be wondering what's with the boxes along the wall.  Wynter loved to bounce against the flexible walls of her Pack n Play (her "crib" before the move) and hasn't broken the habit since moving to her "big girl's bed".  We tried pillows at first but she'd just move them so she could bounce against the wall...and then SCREAM.  The empty boxes are her buffer zone until she gets over this whole bouncing thing.  And they work great for a stuffed animal shelf!


Posted at 3:48:16 pm by anniede
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Fix one thing...

Fix one thing and something else breaks. 

When we moved in, we noticed that it seemed someone had backed into the water pipes outside the back door that services the outside spigots (and may even be the main feed into the house!  OUCH!).  We were hoping that the small leak would keep to a small leak for atleast another month.

Just as the handyman was packing up his things this afternoon, I noticed a SPRAY of water coming out of there.  Not a good sign.  Chris The Handyman will be returning on Tuesday to fix it.  We've re-juryrigged it with a bungie cord and a bucket (to catch any leaking water) until then. 

Cross your fingers that it'll hold.

As you can tell, I like this handyman.  Doesn't treat me as an idiot, as most men in the fixeruper field do, no markup on parts (he made sure to show me the receipt from Home Depot), tested everything 2 times, even cleaned up after himself and his labor was decently priced for this area. 

Poor guy...I don't think he knows what he just got himself into.  The Money Pit shall swallow another unsuspecting soul.  ;-)

But life has suddenly improved in the Money Pit.  The dryer is now working!  YEAH!!!  I was halfway through my little happy dance of joy (after he left of course) when I stopped and realized that my life is suddenly so simple these days...the dryer working makes my day.  *rolls eyes*

Posted at 2:19:48 pm by anniede
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Baseball game

25 minutes until the handyman arrives to beat up on my electrical system so I thought, while I sucked down a cup of java (or two), I'd blog.  Be patient with me if I ramble...the caffiene hasn't hit yet.

Had a good time last night at the A's game.   Oakland A's vs the Chicago White Soxs.  The A's cleaned house, just so you know how it ended.  There was much screaming and yelling, though we still found ourselves laughing at the silly cap races that they do on the big screen TV to keep the drunken mob happy while the other team takes the field.  I made it through the game just fine, thanks to nursing a 20 oz of diet Pepsi through the 3rd to 7th innings.

Julian decided that he didn't like the sounds of a baseball game and made sure I knew about it for the first 4 innings.  The crowd would go wild and he'd kick and roll and beat on me, as if to say, "Can't you keep it down out there?  I'm trying to sleep!"  I swear, there's nothing wrong with his hearing!

The only problem was the 2 jack-in-the-box spectators infront of us.  The  moment the A's hit anything, they were up and out of their seats, screaming and dancing.  At one point, I quietly suggested to Rob that they need to install seatbelts in these seats.  Thankfully, we were in an almost empty section (I guess the rest of the tickets didn't get handed out!) so we shuffled over a couple seats for a better view. 

Just as the 1st inning was coming to a close, a group of die hard fans came in, mumbling about losing their season tickets for this game.  They stuck around until the end of the 4th inning, when they all treked off to the bathrooms and never returned.  They were hilarious to listen to...they discussed the game as if it was going to determine the outcome of world peace.  LOL

Personally, I'm not that big of a baseball fan.  But I do enjoy going to the games to people watch, especially the people who rent one of the glassed in booths and as such, beleive they can do anything they want.  There was one booth last night filled with about 6 kids, running around, sliding down the seats and just totally being wild monsters.  And in the middle of all of that were 2 adults, totally ignoring the kids, their attentions fully on the game.  LOL

We left in the middle of the 9th inning, since the A's seemed to have the game cinched by then.  There was much hope of miss the mob of people on the southbound BART train but they were dashed when the train we were on was put out of service not 3 stops before the end of the line.  Grrrr.  We stood out on a cold platform with 200+ other cold baseball fans to wait 20 minutes for the next train...which was packed, of course!  We crammed on like sardines and prayed for a speedy conductor.  A tree branch on the track delayed us even further.

We didn't get home until 11:30, an hour and a half after we left the park.  Paid off Dani, who was babysitting for us, walked her out to her car and then fell over into a nice, warm bed.

The damn alarm woke us up at 6 AM this morning.  Actually, it woke Rob up...I didn't hear it at all.  This morning wasn't one of those "turn over and go back to sleep" mornings. couldn't have been that simple.  Today is Rob's "one Saturday a month" class.  He looked "so excited" upon entering LM's campus for the 6th day in a row.  (*Can't you just hear the sarcasm dripping off of my words?  ;-)  )

We both were complaining of slightly sore throats and congestion this morning, probably the aftermath of sitting in hard chairs in a slight cold wind.  I guess the yelling didn't help....but we'll live.  I just can't wait until I can get a bit more sleep.

Posted at 9:35:15 am by anniede
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Somewhere between...

I'm somewhere between crawling into bed for sleep, finding food or tackling this pile of boxes in the office filled with misc stuff.  Where to put it?  Who knows.  And with the quality of sleep I got last night, I couldn't care less.

The new house is minus something very important: storage.  There are no huge linen closets in each bathroom, as we had in the last rental, or any sort of "linen closet" to speak of in any part of this house.  So, where do I put the sheets?  Um...towel storage???

I swear, whoever designed this place was a man....

Had a hard night last night, cummulating in a 4 AM wake up call by Wynter, who was quite unhappy that her diaper had overloaded, burst and was dumping the liquid soaking crystals all over the inside of her PJ's.  After that massive cleanup effort we were both wide awake...and have been ever since.

Rob and I have tickets to the Oakland A's game tonight (free from work, thank you!) but with the way I'm feeling right now, I'm either going to have to OD on caffiene or get a nap in to survive the night.  If you watch the game and see a sleeping redhead in section 228, that would be me.

More house news...after much discussion last night, we've decided to bring in a handyman to do the more urgent fix-ups that we fear touching.  Mainly, the installation of a dedicated circuit and plug for the dryer (I'd like to do laundry again someday) and fixing up the termite-infested front steps.  Got a local licensed handyman coming over tomorrow to atleast quote fixing the dryer issues.  If he's good, maybe he can do some other things around here (like install 3 ceiling fans so the preggo lady doesn't have to do it.  ;-)  ).

Posted at 12:02:08 pm by anniede
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The curse is broken!

It looks like the Keller's "girl" curse*** has been broken.  The ultrasound technician this morning firmly stated, "Boy."  And we have pictures...though I'm not really big on posting in-utero porno so if you want to see, email me.  ;-)

Of course, no ultrasound session is easy for me.  As she chased him around the womb, I had flashbacks of all of the ultrasound sessions I had when pregnant with Wynter.  He's as wirey and picky as she was.  The tech would almost get the shot perfect for the measurement she had to take and he'd squirm away.  Halfway through, she said, "This is one of the more active kids I've experienced."  Yeah...well...that's our kids for you! 

She had a very hard time getting a picture of the "muzzle" area (nose/mouth/chin).  Every time she got close to getting a good pic, he'd turn his head and bury his face in the placenta.  Nice to know that he's got a comfy pillow in there!  LOL 

Near the end, I started to get really beaten up on as he squirmed, rolled and flipped to get away from the wand.  We were both saying, "You know, the faster you let her take her measurements, the faster this will be over with."  But of course, there's no reasoning with a baby.  ;-)

So, as of right now, we've expecting Julian Xaviar Therriault around January 10th, 2007.

*** Keller "girl" curse is in reference to the fact that my mom had 3 girls and my sister had 2 girls.

Posted at 10:04:20 am by anniede
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All about baby

TKv2 has been very active lately, turning, twisting and smacking the **** out of me.  Usually, it's the rolling thump thump thump but periodically, there's a good smack that will make me jump.  Once again, the favorite target: Cervix.

All of my recent activity seems to lull this one to sleep.  But when I stop, he/she thinks it's time for him/her to be active.  Many a sleepless night have I spent, laying in bed, trying to go to sleep but am kept awake by the beating of little legs and arms.  It goes on for about 15 minutes before he/she quiets back down again and I can find a comfy position to sleep in.

This kid loves his/her food.  Just the smell of food when I'm really hungry will start this rascal up.  It was pure torture for both of us last week, when I'd get take out for dinner and would have to smell dinner for the whole drive home.

And may I say that this child's hearing must be working because he/she doesn't appreciate Wynter's screeching either.  *wince wince*

Lots of braxton-hicks contractions this last week, especially over the weekend.  Nothing serious or really painful, just annoying.  They do do one good thing: they make me slow down.  The old prescription of "putting up your feet and drinking something" does help but seriously, how long can I lay down with an active toddler in the house???

There's another ultrsound scheduled for Thursday.  It's in the early AM (8:20 AM is early for here!), so we're hoping that Rob can come this time before heading off to work.  We hope to find out "if there's a stem on the apple", as Rob so nicely put it one day last week.  LOL  Of course, if we find out, there will be announcments and phone calls to all!

Posted at 8:24:51 am by anniede
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Can't we just SKIP the next year???

Wynter's started the "Terrible Two's" stage a bit early.  The tantrums, the whining, the destroying of things....ah, what fun.

I returned from running errands with her on Friday morning, cursing, "I will never again run errands with that girl alone."  She started out happy at Lowes, all giggles and smiles, and slowly downgraded into growling, whining, tantruming she-devil within 1 hour.  She threw an all out tantrum at the store after Lowes, making me pack it up early, take her home and put her down for a nap.

We ended up running the rest of the errands that weekend.  She was still difficult but with 2 of us there, we can hand her off or one take her to the car while the other finishes the shopping.  I ended up taking her out of Target while Rob hunted down charcoal and paid for our purchases.

I kinda fear what it's going to be like with 2.  I'm never going to leave the house....LOL

Tantrums are starting to become not just a daily but an hourly thing right now.  I walk away from the small ones, telling her, "When you're done crying, I will help you.".  For the larger ones, I put her in her room and shut the door.  You have to give her time for the anger to blow over....and then she's sweet and happy again.  I swear, that's her Daddy coming out in her.  But the important thing is giving her time and space to get control of herself.

I feel really sorry for my neighbors.  They get to hear that screeching, since W's room is on their side of the house.  I'm sorry....really really sorry!  But we did try to warn then when we moved in: we have a 1 year old who thinks she's 2.  They told me, "That's OK.  She's 1.  How else is she supposed to communicate?"  I just don't think they knew how many times she'd be "communicating" everyday.  *sigh*

Oh, and the whining is going to drive me insane soon.  I don't deal well with whining kids but I won't give in to whatever she's whining about.  Typically, she wants whatever I'm holding or carrying, which are usually "no-no" items (my cell phone, a DVD case, a glass, etc. etc.).  That has spurred on a number of tantrums. 

Sorry, kiddo, but you don't get your way ALL the time!

And what's with the whining when I'm getting her food or drink???  I'm starting to dread filling up her sippy cup, since she follows me into the kitchen and watch me make it, all the while making the world's most annoying whining sound.  AUGH!!!!!

Since W's been so very much demanding lately (and horribly draining on both of us) and not always taking 2 naps a day like she used to, I've instituted "quiet time" in the morning.  It's time for me to get some things done around here (like unpacking more or cleaning up) without a whining baby under my feet.

Our day typically runs like this: W gets up between 6 and 7 AM, eats breakfast and afterwards, we play a bit on the living room floor while I watch the news.  Around 8:30, we either run errands or take a walk around the MHP.  Upon our return, she gets a small snack and drink before going to her room for "quiet time".  She can play, read or nap, as long as she's quiet.  By 11, she's back out and chasing me around the house. 

We have lunch around 11:30 and she plays around the house until she starts acting tired (usually around 1, if she didn't sleep during quiet time).  Her afternoon nap varies a lot, depending on when she got up in the morning, if she took a nap during quiet time and how active we've been that day.  That's usually when I lay down and try to get in a quick nap while she's squirrelled away in her room.  By the time she gets up, it's ready for another small snack while I prep for dinner, toss any toys back in her room and mop up any messes we made before Dada comes home.

Not an exciting day but atleast we get out of the house daily, she gets a "chance" to get a couple naps in during the day and I get a few minutes of non-whining-screaming-tantrum time to get things done around here.  Oh, and let's not forget the  important thing: mama gets a chance get a nap!  Oh what luxuries that will not last for too much longer!

Posted at 3:35:55 pm by anniede
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Another year, another birthday

Yesterday, I turned the ripe old age of 29.  I felt every year of those 29 years yesterday....or atleast the last 5 months of pregnancy.  Even though it was my birthday, I ended up doing some light yard work (I couldn't stand how the side yard was looking with all of the leaves from the stupid orange trees all over), cleaned out the car, found the washer and dryer in the cluttered laundry room, ran a couple errands and sewed the curtains for the bedroom (which look pretty damn spiffy, if I must say so!).  Yeah, it was a busy day and by 8 PM, I was feeling every bit of it.

But we did go out last night and celibrated my birthday (well, actually, OUR birthdays, since Rob's was just a week before mine!) at a local coffee shop that gives out free birthday cakes if you come eat dinner there.  Can't complain about that, especially since their food is pretty good.  Wynter loaded herself up on spaghetti, which was different for her since previously she'd try 1 piece and then shove the rest of the noodles away.  LOL  We got a delicious strawberry shortcake cake, the remainder of which is sitting in the kitchen waiting to be snacked on over the next couple of days.

And what did I get, you may ask, for my birthday?  Ceiling fans. 

OK, I'm joking.  Really, I'm joking, I promise.  It's just funny that the day before my birthday, we were at Lowes, debating which fans to but to replace certain light fixtures to help move air around the new house a bit more.  And let's not forget to mention replacing that dining room hanging light that we keep smaking our heads on! 

Of course, as we were sticking the 3 boxes in the car, Rob tells me, "Looks like you have a project this week."  Me?  ME!?!?!?  What do you mean me!?!?!?  Actually, between the 2 of us, I'm probably the most suited (and patient) for the job but I hate playing with electricity.  I made him promise to help me one of these upcoming weekends, so I don't have to keep climbing up and down ladders for tools and material.  Fun.

Anyway, as I was saying, my birthday presents ranged from a Walmart gift card to checks to an Amazon gift cert.  Oooo...the possibilities!  Rob bought me 2 Alton Brown DVD collections they had on sale at Target for $10.  OF course, "Rob bought me" means that I found them on sale, snatched them up, did a little happy dance before thrusting them into his hands and saying, "Buy me these for my birthday, please."  LOL

So, happy (late!) birthday to me!

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I'm doing some maintenance and such on the blog, getting it ready to be moved over to its new home.  So, if you come here and everything looks weird...well, be patient!

**Edited later: After much wrestling with Blogdrive (which decided to go down right in the middle of the extensive export process), everything should be back to normal.  We'll see!

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